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Gun Accessories

Gun Accessories | Independence Guns And Ammo - Yucca Valley, CA

We here at Independence Guns & Ammo also carry a small selection of accessories unfortunately one of the drawbacks to having a small store is limited space. We aim to have common Items such as extra magazines or targets but as far as the less common items such as a gun specific holster or a case that fits your gun to a T we will probably not have on hand. However that does not mean that we can’t get it, we are more than happy to order you anything you need or want in the way of accessories. If you are buying a gun and you think hey I need a holster for this just ask and I’ll have one there for you by the time your 10 day wait for the gun is over.

We carry are powder, primers, and various other reloading supplies. We will order anything we don’t have on hand and do our best to save you money. At the moment we have a very small selection but as with our ammo we aim to keep expanding our inventory. Currently we are trying to gain an account with Dillon Precision for reloading equipment however we need a minimum first purchase of $3500 so in order to do this I will be taking pre orders for all Dillon reloaders and equipment.

We do Private Party and out of state/online transfers. The fee for a private party transfer is $35. The fee for an out of state/online transfer is $40 plus the $25 DROS fee plus sales tax on the purchase price of the firearm being transferred. I believe that we are the cheapest in the area for this service and as such we only ask that if you are purchasing a new gun online that you would give us a chance to get you one first.

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